Development & Execution

What Rocks Consulting, LLC (What Rocks) is a customer focused consulting firm that provides an unique mix of business analysis acumen with development skills to empower business intelligence at small-to-medium sized organizations.

Using What Rocks, organizations reap the most from their information technology investments through end user reporting and process integrations. We provide a tactical focus on creating reporting value for our clients. What Rocks understands the value of data, and assists companies in the manipulation of their data. Simply, What Rocks provides data stewardship for your organization.

Clean & Standardized Data

Capture the Data that Really Matters

Determining the correct business systems to source your data is key to having an impactful reporting environment. What Rocks helps you to document location and origination of data in your transactional applications. In turn, we are able to utilize this knowledge and our technical skills in SQL and SSIS to extract and gather all relevant data to answer your business questions.

Ensure that Your ERP Client List Matches Your CRM

By defining data rules, our ETL processes remove the issues of the “same data” being different in two different reports. Data entry errors such as Account Name spellings are corrected in the ETL process so that your staff can present external facing reports with confidence. Business process rules are applied to ensure definitions on what constitutes a sale is reflected the same no matter whether the data originated from the ERP system or the CRM system.

Remove the Spreadsheet Confusion of Disparate Systems

No longer are staff working from multiple versions of the truth from multiple systems of reporting. Your cleansed and transformed data is stored in a central warehouse for everyone to access. Each piece of warehoused data is stored at the optimal level of granularity for your business. Whether revenue by invoice or quarterly sales, your warehouse will be able to remove the need to aggregate data in Excel and improving reporting efficiency.

Data Presentation & Consumption

Capture the Eye and Convey the Meaning

What Rocks works hand and hand with users to determine the correct tools and format for reporting. Our 15 years of experience in such tools as SSRS, Tableau, or Crystal Reports provide your staff with the resources who can create the right reporting framework for them. In addition, What Rocks can extend these common tools within a custom reporting portal or reporting mobile apps that your users will find easy to use, accurate, and with data that is actionable.