Core Business

What Rocks focuses on providing three primary skills sets in business intelligence; Business Analaysis & Data Architecture, Development, and Data Integration & Management to our clients. We understand that by combining these core skills sets, What Rocks can directly impact clients' data reporting capacity. With solid understanding of what data is important, we can develop the right reporting platform for each client using tools such as SQL Reporting Services, SQL Intgration Services, and Crystal Reports.

Business Review & Data Architecture

Analysis & Discovery

Structured inquiry process to determine you and your staff's key reporting needs.

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Data Modeling & Architecture

Design Kimball inspired data warehouse to remove data silos.

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Business Intelligence Development

ETL Services

Develop method to validate, cleanse, and transform raw data from multiple systems.

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Business Reporting

Create one stop shop to the reports your staff needs.

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System & Data Integration

Master Data Services

Obtain custom tools to maintain data standards in a structured manner.

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System Integration

Ensure that the right data in front of the right person at the right time

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The Process We Follow

Evolutionary Progress

Our process focuses on systematically selected targeted tactical projects that upon completion provide evolutionary progress while minimizing risk of revolutionary upheaval.

Review & Envison

What Rocks reviews with you and your staff to identify and proritize reporting needs; which allows us to envision solutions and plan strategy to accomplish our goals.

Act & Prove

Using status reports, gap analysis, and system mockup, What Rocks continue to act upon the plan in a transparent manner until we deploy the solution an prove its success with end user acceptance sessions.

How We Engage With You

We offer a number of engagement methods to insure
that each client can tackle their specific need.

Business Intelligence Roadmap Package

The BI Roadmap Kickoff is the ideal way to begin your BI intiative. Strategic in focus, the Roadmap package provides you and your team a clear understanding your overall BI objectives, key data elements necessary to meet those objectives, and tactical items to begin your BI journey.

Fixed Duration

3 Weeks

Dedicated Resources

Business Analyst and Data Architect at the right time to understand your business and create solution

Clearly Defined Objectives & Deliverables

BI Roadmap defined; Bus Matrix developed; Data Sources documented; Effort level for next steps determined

SQL Reporting Services Kickoff Package

Our Reporting Services Kickoff excels at solving a tactical need. You can assist existing resouces to overcome a reporting backlog or kick the tires in prepareation for a full engagement.

Fixed Duration

1 Week; 2 Weeks

Dedicated Resource

Experienced RS Developer who can provide you most for your development dollar

Clearly Defined Objectives & Deliverables

Six Dimensions; One Fact Table; ETL Development & Two RS Reports

BI Kickoff Package

The BI Kickoff is a great way to get your staff enthused in your BI initiatives again. With its structured focus on a specific business process or solution, staff receives the proper engagement to understand how BI projects will work in the future and a tangible solution to their problem.

Fixed Duration

4 Weeks

Dedicated Resources

ETL Developer; Data Architect, and Reporting Services Developer provided at the right time

Clearly Defined Objectives & Deliverables

Six Dimensions; One Fact Table; ETL Development & Two RS Reports

Managed Projects

As your Stewards of BI, What Rocks provides you the ability to manage any Business Intelligence Project. As part of our free no-commitment consultation, you explain your concerns and issues and What Rocks works with you to determine your BI needs. You recieve an estimate for the project and the BI roles necessary to bring the project to bear.

Business Intelligence Roles Rate
Data Architect/Business Analysis $135
ETL Developer $115
Report Services Developer $95

Resource Blocks

Our resource time blocks provide you with financial certainty when you know exactly what services you need. Whether you need a report specification written, star schema modeled, or an SSIS packaged developed, simply note your need and What Rocks works with to you determine the correct block for request. Prepay your block to receive 10% discount.

Business Intelligence Roles Two Day Block Three Day Block Week Block
General BI Services $2,000 $3,000 $4,500
Report Services Developer $1,760 $2,640 $4,000
Business Analyst $2,160 $3,240 $4,800
Data Architect/ETL Developer $2,400 $3,600 $5,400